Professor Maano Ramutsindela

Professor Maano Ramutsindela is a graduate of the University of the North (now Limpopo) and Royal Holloway, University of London. He is Professor in the Department of Environmental & Geographical Science and Dean of Science at the University of Cape Town. He held various positions overseas, including Visiting Fellow, Institute of Advanced Studies (University of Western Australia, 2018); Fellow, Forrest Research Foundation (Australia, 2018); Inaugural Guest Professor, African Studies Programme of the Global Studies Institute, University of Geneva (Switzerland 2017); Mandela Fellow of the W.E.B Du Bois Institute for African and African American Research, Harvard University (United States, 2011); and Distinguished Hubert H. Humphrey Visiting Chair, Macalester College (United States, 2010). He is an Elected Member of the Academy of Science of South Africa (2017); he is the recipient of the NRF President Award (2002) and the NRF Award for the Transformation of the Science Cohort (2013); and he is a Fellow of the Society of South African Geographers (2012).

Professor Ramutsindela’s work on the politics of borders, land and nature conservation opens up a new analytical terrain in political ecology and political geography. It leads the study of protected areas from the African perspective and makes a noteworthy contribution to theories of the political ecology of the border. It also deepens our understanding of the politics of nature and science and its manifestation in nature conservation projects, and the networks it engenders. His research findings contributed to the development of new concepts in human geography and in social science. He has published over 100 academic papers, including 8 books. He has delivered lectures, guest lectures and seminars at the following universities: Amsterdam, Basel, Finland, Fort Hare, Geneva, Greenwich, Harvard, Kansas, Limpopo, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Oxford, Royal Holloway, Surrey, University of the Western Cape, Vrije Universiteit (Amsterdam), Western Australia, York (Canada), and at Macalester College. In 2016 he delivered the first Elsevier-sponsored Political Geography Plenary Lecture on the African soil. He sits on 12 editorial boards of academic journals. Professor Ramutsindela is the founding co-chair of the Worldwide Universities Network Global Africa Group, has served as chair of the National Steering Committee of the Global Environment Facility-Small Grant Programme of United Nations Development Programme, and is Vice Chair of Canon Collins Educational and Legal Assistance Trust.